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1 9 6 4 review - S.Paulo albums

1964 best selling singles  -  Ariovaldo Skrapec

1. Datemi un martello (If I had a hammer) - Rita Pavone (RCA)
2. Dominique - Giane (Chantecler)
3. Una lacrima sul viso - Bobby Solo (Ricordi-Chantecler)
4. Io che amo solo te - Sergio Endrigo (RCA)
5. Scrivi (Lady love) - Rita Pavone (RCA)

6. Rua Augusta - Ronnie Cord (RCA)
7. Ritmo da chuva (Rhythm of the rain) - Demetrius (Continental)
8. I want to hold your hand / She loves you - The Beatles (Odeon)
9. Cuore (Heart) - Rita Pavone (RCA)
10. Deixa isso p'ra lá - Jair Rodrigues (RCA)

11. Roberta - Peppino di Capri (Odeon)
12. Que queres tu de mim? - Altemar Dutra (Odeon)
13. Sul cucuzzolo - Rita Pavone (RCA)
14. My boy lollipop - Millie Small (Mercury)
15. Cin cin (Cheat cheat) - Richard Anthony (Odeon)

16. Veneno - The Clevers (Continental)
17. Kiss me quick - Elvis Presley (RCA)
18. Amigo palavra facil - Nelson Gonçalves (RCA)
19. La bamba - Trini Lopez (Reprise-Odeon)
20. America - Prini Lorez (RGE)

21. Blue star - The Jordans (Copacabana)
22. Wonderful land - The Jet Blacks (Chantecler)
23. Non ho l'età - Gigliola Cinquetti (CGD-RGE)
24. In ginocchio da te - Gianni Morandi (RCA)
25. Il tangaccio - The Clevers (Continental)

26. Hully gully baby - Chubby Checker (Parkway-Fermata)
27. Somos iguais - Altemar Dutra (Odeon)
28. Parei na contra-mão - Roberto Carlos (CBS)
29. Sapore di sale - Gino Paoli (RCA)
30. Se mi vuoi lasciare - Michele (RCA)

31. Rhythm of the rain - The Cascades (WB-Odeon)
32. Pombinha branca (Vola colomba) - Silvana (Copacabana)
33. O mio Signore - Edoardo Vianello (RCA)
34. Tutta la gente - Nico Fidenco (RCA)
35. Juca do Brás - Leila Silva (Continental)

36. Abbronzzadissima - Edoardo Vianello (RCA)
37. Insensatez - Eumir Deodato
38. Corcovado - Sergio Mendes
39. La bamba - Prini Lorez (RGE)
40. Minha namorada - Os Cariocas (Philips)

41. Ela é carioca - Marcos Valle (Odeon)
42. Samba de verão - Os Cariocas (Philips)
43. The Pink Panther - Henry Mancini (RCA)
44. Era d'estate - Sergio Endrigo (RCA)
55. Con te sulla spiaggia - Nico Fidenco (RCA)

46. I Watussi - Edoardo Vianello (RCA)
47. Il treno và (500 miles) - Richard Anthony (Odeon)

Extended-plays (compactos-duplos) 

1. Rita Pavone (Come te non c'è nessuno) (RCA)
2. Adorabile - Rita Pavone (RCA)
3. A freirinha que canta (Dominique) - Soeur Sourire (Philips)
4. Veneno - The Clevers (Continental)
5. Twist and shout - The Beatles (Odeon)

6. Dominique - Trio Esperança (Odeon)
7. Blue star - The Jordans (Copacabana)
8. Ritmo da chuva - Demetrius (Continental)
9. O calhambeque - Roberto Carlos (CBS)
10. Calmo Setembro - Moacyr Franco (Copacabana)

11. 'S Young (Frenesi) - Ray Conniff (CBS)
12. Sensazionale (Si fossi un uomo) - Rita Pavone (RCA)
13. Quero me casar contigo - Roberto Carlos (CBS)
14. Samba esquema novo (Por causa de você) - Jorge Ben (Philips)
15. É proibido fumar - Roberto Carlos (CBS)

albums (long-plays)

1. Meus 18 anos - Rita Pavone (RCA)
2. Rita Pavone ('Alla mia età', 'Cuore') (RCA)
3. Moacyr Franco (Doce amargura) (Copacabana)
4. Samba esquema novo - Jorge Ben (Philips)
5. 'S Young (Frenesi) - Ray Conniff (CBS)

6. Beatlemania (Roll over Beethoven) - The Beatles (Odeon)
7. Canta Nico Fidenco (Tutta la gente) (RCA)
8. Sergio Endrigo (Basta così) (RCA)
9. The Beatles again (All my loving) (Odeon)
10. Nelson sempre Nelson - Nelson Gonçalves (RCA)

11. Gioventù - various Italian acts (RCA)
12. O jovem Dr. Kildare canta - Richard Chamberlain (MGM)
13. O fino da bossa (Onde está você?) - various (RGE)
14. Samba demais (Ela é carioca) - Marcos Valle (Odeon)
15. Mensagem - Altemar Dutra (Odeon)

16. É proibido fumar - Roberto Carlos (CBS)
17. Inútil paisagem - Eumir Deodato (Forma)
18. Pery é todo bossa - Pery Ribeiro (Odeon)
19. Desafinado - Sergio Mendes & Bossa Rio (Philips)
20. Garota de Ipanema - Os Cariocas (Philips)

Revista do Radio was made in Rio de Janeiro but it had a double-page reserved strictly for Sao Paulo business written by and 'old-timer' Mario Julio. 'Long-plays mais procurados em São Paulo' (most popular albums in Sao Paulo) carried a list of the 5 most popular albums in that city. We don't know how Mario Julio came up with his list and it doesn't really matter by now. Well, if one does not really care about accuracy, let's just enjoy it.
Moacyr Franco was at his best and most popular in late 1963 and early 1964. He had a top-rating TV show on TV Excelsior, Channel 9 and could do no wrong; Miltinho had reached the peak of popularity in 1962, but still sold albums well; Alaíde Costa was new. She actually had been around since the late 1950s but now she had become a full-time Bossa Nova performer and had been signed by Audio Fidelity a label owned by an American entrepreneur who as an avid BN fan.  

11 January 1964 - 'Revista do Radio' 

1. Moacyr Franco (Copacabana)
2. Canção do nosso amor - Miltinho (RGE)
3. Great best sellers (Continental)
4. Canções da minha terra - Ely Camargo (Chantecler)
5. Bossa, balanço, balada - Sylvia Telles (Elenco) 

18 January 1964 - 'Revista do Radio' 

1. 'S Beat - Ray Conniff (CBS)
2. Moacyr Franco (Copacabana)
3. Sinos de Natal - John Klein (RCA)
4. Afinal... Alaíde Costa (Audio-Fidelity)
5. Mensagem - Altemar Dutra (Odeon)  

25 January 1964 - 'Revista do Radio' 

1. 'S Beat - Ray Conniff (CBS)
2. Moacyr Franco (Copacabana)
3. Solovox de ouro no. 3 - Ubirajara & Orquestra Metais Dourados (RGE)
4. Bossa Nova - Pedrinho Mattar & seu Conjunto (Farroupilha-Fermata)
5. Afinal... Alaíde Costa (Audio-Fidelity)

Bossa Nova was getting bigger all the time. 'Old timer' like Sylvinha Telles kept on selling albums. Alaíde Costa who had been at RCA for years went over to Bossa Nova-friendly Audio Fidelity and although it hardly played on the radio it sold well for connoisseurs. Pianist Pedrinho Mattar recorded Bossa Nova for independent label Farroupilha and sold well too. 'Solovox de ouro' with Ubirajara & Orchestra was like 1963's Hit Parade. 'Legata a un granello di sabbia', 'Tutta la gente', 'El relicario', 'Sukiyaki', 'Blame it on the Bossa Nova', 'Sonhar contigo' etc.
Guitarrist Ângelo Apolônio aka Poly had been a consistent chart-topper since 1960. What was so unusual about Poly? His sliding-guitar! Sliding guitar may be common in C&W but not in Brazilian pop. Bolivian tune 'El suco suco' was the single culled from the album and it played everywhere. One could get his fill of 'El suco suco' watching 'Ginkana Kibon', a high-rating Sunday kid's show on Channel 7 because many acts chose this Poly tune to dance to it. Claudette Soares who started as a child-star in the 1950s changed over to Bossa Nova completely. She must have been the first female singer to record 'Garota de Ipanema'. 

1st February 1964 - 'Revista do Radio' 

1. Saia vermelha - Poly (Continental)
2. Moacyr Franco (Copacabana)
3. Orgão, samba, percussão no. 2 - André Penazzi (Audio-Fidelity)
4. Bossa Nova - Pedrinho Mattar (Farroupilha)
5. Claudette é dona da bossa - Claudette Soares (Mocambo) 

8 February 1964 - 'Revista do Radio'

1. Saia vermelha - Poly (Continental)
2. Carequinha no twist, cha-cha-cha e no etc. - Carequinha (Copacabana)
3. 14 Sucessos de ouro no.4 - various (RGE)
4. Bossa Nova - Pedrinho Mattar (Farroupilha)
5. Tangos no. 2 - Dalva de Oliveira (Odeon) 

15 February 1964 - 'Revista do Radio' 

1. A meiga Elizeth no. 4 - Elizeth Cardoso (Copacabana)
2. Samba Esquema Novo - Jorge Ben (Philips)
3. Le canzoni di San Remo 63 - various (Ricordi-Chantecler)
4. Pery é todo bossa - Pery Ribeiro (Odeon)
5. Three great bands - Henry Mancini, Al Hirt & Perez Prado (RCA) 

22nd February 1964 - 'Revista do Radio' 

1. O grande intérprete - Carlos Alberto (CBS)
2. A meiga Elizeth no. 2 - Elizeth Cardoso (Copacabana)
3. O cantor apaixonado - Waldik Soriano (Chantecler)
4. Não se esqueça de mim - Tony Campello (Odeon)
5. Samba Esquema Novo - Jorge Ben (Philips)

29 February 1964 - 'Revista do Radio' 

1. O cantor apaixonado - Waldik Soriano (Chantecler)
2. O grande intérprete - Carlos Alberto (CBS)
3. Oración de amor - Bienvenido Granda (RGE)
4. Dez ritmos para dançar - various Brazilian orchestras (Copacabana)
5. Atualíssima - Isaura Garcia (Odeon)
Copacabana kept on releasing Elizeth Cardoso's album upon album and they always sold well. Odeon had 'old timer' Isaura Garcia who had been a chart topper in the 40s, 50s and the early 60s. Isaura was on the way down maybe due to her alleged alcoholism. Carlos Alberto was CBS's answered prayers in the bolero segment. His repertoire was mostly covers of Mexican and other Latin American hits. Big bands kept on selling like hot cakes, either foreign like the RCA trio Mancini-Hirt-Prado or Brazilian combos like Copacabana's Osmar Milani, Renato de Oliveira, Guaraná or Formiga (José Luiz) and his horn.

7 March 1964 - 'Revista do Radio' 

1. Top Hits - Elcio Alvarez (Continental)
2. Vanguarda - Agostinho dos Santos (RGE)
3. O jovem Dr. Kildare - Richard Chamberlain (MGM)
4. O cantor apaixonado - Waldik Soriano (Chantecler)
5. Atualíssima - Isaura Garcia (Odeon) 

25 April 1964 - 'Revista do Radio' 

1. A nova bossa é violão - Paulinho Nogueira (RGE)
2. Suspense - The Jordans (Copacabana)
3. Antonio Carlos Jobim (Elenco)
4. Samba Esquema Novo - Jorge Ben (Philips)
5. Hit Parade Ricordi - various Italian acts (Ricordi-Chantecler)
Bossa Nova kept on going from strength to strength. Paulinho Nogueira's acoustic guitar album was a must. Aloysio de Oliveira's independent label Elenco was top of the heap with Antonio Carlos Jobim's album. Agostinho dos Santos presented (maybe) his best album yet singing BN's less known songs like 'A morte de um deus de sal' (Death of a god of salt), 'Além da imaginação' & others. 
Velhinhos Transviados' 3rd album was on the top with cover of mostly 1963's hits like Jorge Ben's 'Mas que nada', 'Hully gully baby', Edoardo Vianello's 'Abbronzatissima', TV series themes like 'Naked City', movie-theme like 'More' etc. Jorge Ben's 2nd album was an anti-climax as most follow-ups to huge hits are. Maysa is signed by Elenco and Aloysio de Oliveira produces her album 'live' from night-club Bom Gourmet in  Rio with Eumir Deodato's arrangements. 

30 May 1964 - 'Revista do Radio' 

1. Os Velhinhos Transviados bárbaros (RCA)
2. Sacundin Ben Samba - Jorge Ben (Philips)
3. As 14 Mais  volume XI (CBS)
4. Maysa (Elenco)
5. Choros imortais - Altamiro Carrilho (Copacabana) 

13 June 1964 - 'Revista do Radio' 

1. Beatlemania - The Beatles (Odeon)
2. Frente ao mar - Agnaldo Rayol (Copacabana)
3. Hully gully - Carlos Gonzaga (Philips)
4. Na brasa do samba - Carlos Piffer (Fermata)
5. Brazilian blues - Elcio Alvarez (Continental) 

22nd August 1964 - 'Revista do Radio' 

1. Meus 18 anos - Rita Pavone (RCA)
2. Orgão, samba, percussão no. 3 - André Penazzi (Audio-Fidelity)
3. Dançando e sonhando - Bert Kaempert (Polydor)
4. Moacyr Franco no. 3 - Moacyr Franco
5. Giane (Chantecler) 
It looked like everything changed in 1964. The Beatles and Rita Pavone were in... Paul Anka and Moacyr Franco were on their way out. Paul Anka's '15 Songs I wish I'd written' is almost like a statement saying: 'Look, I'm all written out so I'll sing other people's songs like 'Oh, lonesome me', 'Memories are made of this', 'He'll have to go', 'Who's sorry now', 'The end of the world', 'Cry', 'Blue on blue', 'It's not for me to say', 'Moon River', 'Ramblin' Rose', 'Can't get used to losing you'.  Giane had a pleasant voice and was big with 'Dominique' sung in Portuguese but she was strictly a singles' performer. She could not find enough material to fill the 12 tracks of a regular album. 

12 September 1964 - 'Revista do Radio' 

1. Canções que desejaria ter escrito (Songs I wish I'd written) - Paul Anka (RCA)
2. O fino da bossa - various (RGE)
3. A meiga Elizeth no. 5 - Elizeth Cardoso (Copacabana)
4. Brazilian blues - Elcio Alvarez (Continental)
5. Tony italiano - Tony Campello (Odeon) 

19 September 1964 - 'Revista do Radio' 

1. Ternura e alegria - Moacyr Franco (Copacabana)
2. Um show de Boneca - Luiz de Andrade (Continental)
3. A nova dimensão do samba - Wilson Simonal (Odeon)
4. Ana Lucia canta triste - Ana Lucia (RGE)
5. Balançando - Neyde Fraga (Philips) 

26 September 1964 -'Revista do Radio' 

1. Time Square - various acts from TV musical show (RCA)
2. Um show de Boneca - Luiz de Andrade (Continental)
3. Lygia - Lygia Freitas Valle  (RGE)
4. Prelúdio de um homem só - Osvaldo Fahel (Chantecler)
5. É proibido fumar - Roberto Carlos (CBS)
RGE and most Brazilian labels could never get over Maysa and kept on trying to get a 'new' Maysa no matter what. The first signs of this syndrome was the dropping of the singer's last name. Rosana Toledo became only Rosana, Maria Thereza only Maria Thereza and Lygia Freitas Valle became... Lygia. But they never went places... there was only one Maysa, who actually left Brazil in late 1963 to return in 1966 when everything was topsy-turvy. Ana Lucia was a different cup of tea: she had been around for a while; sang in the famous Bossa Nova show at the Carnegie Hall in late 1962 and was signed by RGE that released this 'Ana Lucia canta triste' that has become a classic. 
Tony Campello had been an early rock'n'roller. Now he was a bit lost in the desert. Odeon thought he would fit the Italian romantic shoes and Tony recorded 12 Italian hits that had been covered by a lot of other people. CBS did the same with new comer Jerry Adriani. Even his name of Italianized from Jair Alves de Sousa. Everyone and his dog were trying to cash in on the Italian flavour-of-the-month. 'Time Square' was a  popular weekly TV musical show made by TV Excelsior in Rio de Janeiro. Song, dance and humour mixed in a pleasant way that has never been equalled ever since. Humour has only gone down the vulgarity drain. Musically directed by whiz-kid João Roberto Kelly and performed by the best comedians and singers of the time. Neyde Fraga was a one-off. She had been around since the early 1950s and should be on the wane by now. Miss Fraga recorded this album with organist Walter Wanderley and it turned out to be quite popular. 

3rd October 1964 - 'Revista do Radio' LPs 

1. Italianissimo - Jerry Adriani (CBS)
2. Time Square - TV Excelsior show cast (RCA)
3. Lygia - Lygia Freitas Valle (RGE)
4. E as valsas voltaram - Gilberto Alves (Copacabana)
5. Prelúdio de um homem só - Osvaldo Fahel (Chantecler) 

10 October 1964 - 'Revista do Radio' 

1. O grande interprete - Carlos Alberto (CBS)
2. The Beatles again - The Beatles (Odeon)
3. O ritmo da chuva - Demétrius (Continental)
4. Noite no Rio - Noite Ilustrada (Philips)
5. Idalina - Idalina de Oliveira (Chantecler)

17 October 1964 - 'Revista do Radio'  

1. Orgão, sax e sexy - Walter Wanderley & Portinho (Philips)
2. Que queres tu de mim? - Altemar Dutra (Odeon)
3. Orgão, samba, percussão volume 3 - André Penazzi (Audio Fidelity)
4. Samba e romance - Leila Silva (Continental)
5. Idalina - Idalina de Oliveira (Chantecler)

31st October 1964 - 'Revista do Radio' 

1. Encontro com Luiz Vieira no.2 (Copacabana)
2. Rua Augusta - Ronnie Cord (RCA)
3. Sunrise - Poly & seu Conjunto (Continental)
4. Françoise Hardy (Vogue-Mocambo)
5. Idalina - Idalina de Oliveira (Chantecler)

By late 1964, Elvis Presley was just a memory of the King of Rock he had been in the 1950s. He had been making mediocre & instantly-forgotten-movies for ever now. In 'Fun in Acapulco' (O seresteiro de Acapulco) Elvis sings 'Guadalajara' and 'Bossa Nova baby' which had Bossa Nova only in its title and was as far-away from BN as possible. Even so it is a good song penned by Jerry Lieber and Mike Stoller of 'Jailhouse rock' fame. Ochestral music for dancing was still very much on the popular taste; Brazilian band-leader Sylvio Mazzucca kept on selling albums for CBS. Ronnie Will and his Orchestra's album for Copacabana is actually hip and very good. Francisco Petrônio who became famous in his late-30s recorded his 2nd album of Italian and Napolitan ever-greens. 

14 November 1964 - 'Revista do Radio' 

1. Baile de aniversário vol. 2 - Sylvio Mazzucca (CBS)
2. Tudo de mim - Nelson Gonçalves (RCA)
3. Um brasileiro na Italia vol. 2 - Francisco Petrônio (Continental)
4. Balançando - Neyde Fraga & Walter Wanderley (Philips)
5. Um violão em hi-hi - Zairo Marinoso (Copacabana)

21st November 1964 - 'Revista do Radio' 

1. A pantera cor de rosa (The Pink Panther) - Henry Mancini (RCA)
2. É proibido fumar - Roberto Carlos (CBS)
3. Vou de samba com você - Jair Rodrigues (Philips)
4. Um brasileiro na Itália no.2 - Francisco Petrônio (Continental)
5. Muita alma... muita brasa - Ronnie Will com Orquestra (Copacabana) 

28 November 1964 - 'Revista do Radio' 

1. Seresteiro de Acapulco (Fun in Acapulco) - Elvis Presley (RCA)
2. Os incríveis The Clevers no. 2 (Continental)
3. Vou de samba com você - Jair Rodrigues (Philips)
4. No mundo encantado das flautas - Altamiro Carrilho (Copacabana)
5. Trem das Onze - Demônios da Garôa (Chantecler)

Henry Mancini's magnificent 'The Pink Panther' is released in mid-1964 and enters our collective consciousness forever. 'A pantera cor-de-rosa' had come to stay; Demonios da Garoa (Drizzle's Demons) a popular mid-1950s combo return with 'Trem das Onze' (Eleven o'clock train), a new song and 11 old tunes that had been recorded originally at EMI's Odeon in Rio; Roberto Carlos emerges as a major charting artist with 'É proibido fumar' (No smoking); Instrumental surf-music The Clevers hit the top with their 3rd album for Continental Discos after having had a major European tour with Italian rock'n'roller Rita Pavone in the summer of 1964; Radio DJ Antonio Aguillar produces an album with new faces that he championed at his TV Record show 'Reino da Juventude' (Youth Kingdom). 

5 December 1964 - 'Revista do Radio' 

1. Tudo de mim - Nelson Gonçalves (RCA)
2. The Latin Album - Trini Lopez (Reprise-Odeon)
3. A volta - Ed Lincoln (Musidisc)
4. Zimbo Trio (RGE)
5. Canarinho cantador - Teixeirinha (Chantecler)

12 December 1964 - 'Revista do Radio'  

1. Tudo de mim Nelson Gonçalves (RCA)
2. Reino da juventude - various - produtor: Antonio Aguillar (Continental)
3. Bobby Solo (Ricordi-Chantecler)
4. Encontro com Luiz Vieira no.2 (Copacabana)
5. Opinião de Nara - Nara Leão (Philips)

19 December 1964 - 'Revista do Radio'

1. Que queres tu de mim? - Altemar Dutra (Odeon)
2. Meus 18 anos - Rita Pavone (RCA)
3. Zimbo Trio (RGE)
4. Reino da juventude - various - DJ Antonio Aguillar (Continental)
5. Quem tem bossa faz assim - Geraldo Cunha (Audio-Fidelity) 

Altemar Dutra's 3rd #1 album in a row; Luiz Vieira had 2 huge hits with 1963's 'Preludio p'ra ninar gente grande' and 1964's 'Paz do meu amor' - included in this 'Encontro com Luiz Vieira volume 2'. Vieira had a half-hour weekly show on TV Excelsior on Thursday nights; Bobby Solo's 'Una lacrima sul viso' was featured in his 1st album for Ricordi-Chantecler; organist Walter Wanderley was poached by Philips from EMI-Odeon and kept on selling albums galore; Geraldo Cunha had started at Chantecler and went on to Audio Fidelity where he recorded 'Quem tem bossa faz assim' (Those who have flair do it like this). 

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